As a rule, integrated solutions use a part of the system memory for the video one, and here, in the BIOS, you can assign from 8 to 64 MBytes for the frame buffer. Sisoft Sandra Professional. Mar 31, Posts: It is difficult to pinpoint the culprit in this case. The general layout of the board is good, however. You can spot the ‘signature’ red from MSI easily.

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For some years now, overclockers have become a major influence in the motherboard industry.

MSI MS-6547…..SiS 645 motherboard

The CPU scores can be considered to be equal, too. As you can no doubt see, there is quite a gap between the AGP slot and the first PCI slot, whether this is by deliberate design is unclear, it does however allow one motherboarrd use a slightly larger cooler on the GPU core if need be.

Third party GPU coolers such motherblard the blorb would have a really hard time going down there, to connecting to the last fan header which is by the port 80 debugger.

Quake 3 becomes more card-limited as we move up the resolution scales, meaning that scores will become closer and closer. I personally think this is a good idea, it shows that a motherboard manufacturer cares about the way their product looks.

Gigabyte GA-8SRX SiS 645 Motherboard Review

Epox is a relative newcomer to the motherboard scene having been established for just over 7 years. This is the broadest range of options we’ve ever seen on a S motherboard, kudos to Epox for including them, The CPU extra over-voltage options are only available by jumper. Rather it’s an audio codec that saps up CPU resources to produce so-so audio.


Further investigation in the box reveals a rather well written manual, the ubiquitous IDE cables in the form of one ATA and one floppy cable respectively, we would have liked to see two ATA cables supplied as standard, surely a motherboard manufacturer wouldn’t incur much of a surcharge by supplying another?. The usual gamut of options are present along with a rather handy IRQ re-routing option, one that comes in useful if too many devices are set to share the same IRQ.

This could cause problems if your ATX lead is rather short, especially as the bundle of wires will have to trail over the CPU heatsink, thereby disturbing the airflow.

GA-8SR (rev. 2.x) | Motherboard – GIGABYTE Global

Let’s have a look at the 4SDA in a little greater detail. Sep 28, Posts: It’s always pleasing to see parity in this benchmark from competing ‘boards. The gap between the SiS and GeForce3 is really very great. To test the potential FSB speeds of our test motherboard, we used a highly overlclockable motyerboard.

Information on the motherboard in question can be found here.

SiS and SiS Based Motherboards Roundup

Once rebooted it guesses a decent, overclocked mogherboard, quite clever really. We could only set a maximum of 1. While this is a very good thing to make any real headway in the motherboard department, you need to be focused to the market that spends the most money on PC components, hardcore gamers and overclockers. The general layout of the board is good, however.


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You can manually select a 4: Here’s a quick rundown of the test system should you wish to compare benchmarks with your own. We’ve previously established that Pifast is sensitive to both CPU speed and memory bandwidth respectively. Memory timings can be tweaked but not to the extent that mothergoard of us would desire.

As is our customary tradition, we start at the top and work our way down. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. On to the benchmarks and conclusions. There were some problems with its graphics core and the Hardware TCL unit: Unfortunately for VIA, the 6445 between themselves and Intel, with respect to PIV licenses, deterred many top-line motherboard manufacturers from producing boards based on their chipset.

Has anyone heard anything, used, or seen reviews on this mobo, or at least ones based off of this chipset?

We’ve deliberately used a 1. Sun Dec 09, 4: Windows XP picked siis the various components and motherboard chipsets without difficulty.

The usual gamut of options are present.