But I wouldn’t mind something just for the CD authoring work. Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice. I’ll let you know what I decide. Technicians will remove, re-install and return product. Login or Sign Up. So I had added a USB 3.

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As a NAS I would have to give the device stars.

We have a wide variety of business digital signage solutions such as DS media players, LED backlit displays, Stretched displays and Touch displays. CD Authoring Software for Windows. Thanks again for all the help. I downloaded the demo of Wavelab, and for some reason it won’t finish a burn either.

Its also worth noting in these days of greater privacy awareness that this model has a VPN server built in. My main feature request is the ability to take a minute stereo audio file, split it into the separate tracks, and burn them into a CD. Just need it to actually burn the CD. Do I need firmware upgrade Do I need to change the Linksys E default password settings so that no one can change the settings except me.

The usual plain matt and gloss finishes of most routers has been replaced by a textured tartan on the ACUs main body and the tendency to minimise flashing lights is spun on its head with the router featuring no less than nine separate blinking status indicators.


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It also has Guest network access. Anyway I don’t need too many features.

But the project section won’t burn a CD for me for some reason. For Consumer For Business. When I try to connect to WiFi on iPad it is not asking for the security key Now decided to installa it manually. I e router specs would like to use the guest network access.

However the issue it sub of dropping the networkrsquos SSID is a little troubling although the problem was corrected with a reboot. Chat with an LG Support Representative.

I’ll let you know what I decide. First the good the throughput performance of this router is amazing. So it does have something to do with the USB 3. We will revisit Dx6i trim switch this router when that software becomes available. Before that it was Bias Peak.

I have been running this stupid cisco software for hours and it is not finding my router. I had the latest firmware installed so I was puzzled why this happened Means I could open the manual setup page and change ubs settings but the settings were not saving. Thanks for the tips. Means I could open the manual setup page and lgzp the settings but the settings were not saving. Email Required, will not be published. To uxb experience our LG.


When I try to connect to WiFi on iPad it is not asking for the security key.

It does what I need it to right now, but is pretty basic. Step Open the Linksys router setup page using.

Network Media Player with Smart TV

Like all routers the ACU is kgsp from plastic so it wont hinder wireless signal but is well made and feels durable. This power horse of a router also comes with Cisco software that allows setup in minutes. I would just think that at this point these things should be pretty much plug-n-play. I need to look into that more also. Where can I find the guest access password.