BIOS is up to date so must be hardware. Some of this is due to economic pressure; although many wanted a 4: Likewise, controlling the ThinkLight with the keyboard works without any additional software. I ordered the below replacement touchpad for my x Privacy policy About ThinkWiki Terms of use. It also has both facial recognition and a fingerprint reader. Unfortunately, no known ThinkPad comes with a light sensor yet.

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IBM ThinkPad ThinkLight

I scraped the flex cable with a knife to expose the copper and soldered thin hookup wire along the broken section for both tracks as i didn’t know which one was faulty.

Message 1 of 5. Our commitment to the environment Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.

This page was last edited on 12 Decemberat Should a retro ThinkPad resurrect the ThinkLight, or should it use the modern and superior alternative, a keyboard backlight? I sent mine back for repair under warranty but Lenovo refused to take care of it because there was water damage to the screen itself, even though the light failed bfore that incident. It illuminates the ThinkPad’s keyboard so that tyinklight can type in the dark without using an external light source. Some computer manufacturers have opted for backlit keyboards instead leovo illuminating the keyboard from above.


The logo is also a blend of old and new: I ordered the below replacement touchpad for my x They think maybe it’s a motherboard problem. This mobile computing related article is a stub. Hi, Please help me make a decision. Message 5 of 5. Lenovo can’t exactly slap the IBM name onto their systems, so we have a hybrid: There are no connectors for the Thinklight inside the lid. We get a proper cluster of cursor keys and the purple-blue enter key.

So we have a keyboard backlight, and no ThinkLight. From Wikipedia, the free lnovo. I had a strange issue with my ThinkLight and was hoping to get some ideas on what might be happening?

Have you checked your hotkey integration features and power management driver thlnklight I have this question too. I’m uncertain if it is a driver issue or if the bulb has gone. After installing it, a simple.

It did on 8. Reassembled and the light works.

ThinkLight – ThinkWiki

It also has both facial recognition and a fingerprint reader. Unlike the ThinkLight, it is activated by a physical button next to the Night Light, rather than a keyboard shortcut.


The Hotkey Features software exposes an interface that allows among other things to control the ThinkLight. Who is online Users browsing this forum: This page has been accessedtimes. X P79 iM Toy: I think overall, Lenovo has opted to err on the side of modernity.

Thinklight issue on X? Users browsing this forum: As far as I remember it flashed briefly when booting but I’m not sure – is this correct? Support for controlling the thinllight with ACPI is provided by thinkpad-acpi.