Friday, March 7, 2: Friday, November 9, 3: Sunday, April 15, Logitech also make some nice trackballs. I thought that connecting it as USB might fix that, and it did. Edited by Syed Khairuddin Monday, April 16, 6:

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We understand that you are looking for the software for Expert Mouse Pro model Essentials Only Full Version. User Control Panel Log out.

Thank you for contacting Kensington Technical Support. Sometimes I’ll simply kensjngton for my mouse scroll wheel if I’m doing a lot of scrolling around.

driver for Kensington Expert Mouse Pro for xp and vista

I missed my scroll wheel so much I went back to a mouse. TrackballWorks is only compatible with: The Nexus SM, you get silent click and scroll and two scroll wheels which can be used for vertical and horizontal scrolls. Office Office Kensihgton Server. It’s a well built unit and does just what you’d expect from a jog dial, shuttle wheel and a bunch of buttons. I am going to send her an email tonight, but I remember her telling me when she sent this to me for my neighbor to use that it was given to the center, and I don’t believe there were any drivers given with it.


It’s also a good idea to go into the anti-virus program itself, and temporarily disable it there too, if possible. MachineClaw Max Output Level: Sign in to vote.

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They are really expensive new but used and tested on Ebay they are around 60 bucks. The logitech trackball I have has a scroll wheel don’t recall the kensinggon of the top of my head. We regret to inform you that the Expert Mouse Pro model has been discontinued and no longer manufactured by Kensington. It is what I use. Use a old driver maybe, but we can’t provide driver for something the compagny no longer provide. Here is my review: Works with any mouse too.

Unopened Kensington Expert Mouse Pro 64213

The other small Kensington trackball, the Orbit with scroll ring, is actually better and more comfortable to use prl that more expensive one, or at least both myself and Mrs tlw reckon so having used both. Re-enable Services and Startups by reversing the above, and do a Restart.

If you want to avoid using a mouse RSI problems in our case, plus mice use quite a bit of space eknsington might also consider touchpads which use the Windows 8 touch gestures.


Disable all non-Microsoft Services in: Pottstown, PA Status: Friday, March 7, 2: Wednesday, May 16, 1: I thought that connecting it as USB might fix that, and it did. I really like the Expert Mouse I use the 4 button version kesnington a friends studio but could never quite justify the cost.

I am not familiar with any of the models you have listed. I have a ShuttlePro Moel which I use on my mac for playing with video and animation.

Hopefully it will work with earlier versions of Windows. I am going to ask anyway, or maybe they will have something different she can use.

I think may one of them can drive your device. The scroll ring, on the other hand, sucks and I just use the window scrollbars instead. I wrote Kensington and this is there reply