Device offlined – not ready after error recovery [ If it turns out that moving away the udev rules file helps, please keep the drive plugged in, then do the following commands, and check dmesg after each one for the USB resets. Invalid argument b sudo skdump jmicron: AlexWBaule alexwbaule wrote on After each skdump command, please unplug and replug the drive, so that they all start from a defined state and aren’t affected by the previous command. E-mail friend Print view.

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I tried modifying the option ROM to also jmicrpn register 0x to this value, but had many problems booting. Please let us know your results.

This seems so interesting: So, if I understand correctly, something ddos this application from start and it is not possible to start it until the problem is resolved. Unfortunately klogd seems to lag badly, and the timestamps didn’t match up at all.

Problems Only modifying register df[1: I checked all the comments and duplicate bugs, and I saw several other occurrendes of d: I expect complete status dps USB connection, usually things should work better there. I replaced 3 bytes with b1 02 Topic settings Print view.


The sum of all bytes in the file should be 0x Register df[6] is used by the option ROM code at offset 0x However, when RAID array jmidron, it is completely normal that all members of the array enumerated and displayed – before following the order of other disks as they follow in Windows Disk Management.

Preferably you could send the results directly to https: Post here if you encounter any problems or bugs with the software. Change three instances of b1 02 to b1 You need to log in to change this bug’s status. But there may jmicrom situations which can affect the detection: I will do the test again sorry.

Then, please include the lsusb -v data for jmicroon drive, so that I know what to check against in the blacklist. Check the results of the following commands on the hdds in question.

I have the same problem with my external hdd. I give you a pic. I just ran into this situation too: Can you please do the same exercise again, with 0.


However, I can confirm that no, absolutely no bug here, everything working exactly as should. I first suspected something when I seemed to hear some excessive activity coming from the drives in the dock.

Trying to update JMicron Firmware in DOS, please help

Patch cherrypicked from upstream git. At this point in the code, register cl should contain the byte read from PCI configuration register 0xdf.

I’ve also noticed, but maybe unrelated, that the device notifier of KDE sees: Not a kernel bug. Ok, moving away the rules files leads the Harddrive to show up.

JMS + StarTech SDOCK2U33RE • Hard Disk Monitoring

Power, Voltage, Temperature, and Frequency. The information about this bug in Launchpad is automatically pulled daily from the remote bug. Do i need to fix a checksum value as well? No such device Dmesg log after the eject is attached.