On the HP website i found a driver which seemed to match. I just posted about this process http: Hi, also the test in another server did not suceed. Once logged into the host, run the esxcli software vib list command searching for strings matching HP. Click the Edit button to add the download source. Was this content helpful? There is an existing install base.

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So using the new module from Emulex did not fix the problem with the card. AutoPilot Installer apinstall Management: It’s a bit old.

Hi, also the test in another server did not suceed.

I just posted about this process http: Veritas does not guarantee the accuracy regarding the completeness of the translation. Select the specific Patches to apply. The remediation process will: Navigate to the Host Baselines tab and select New Baseline. Installation suceeded, but failed to run. To begin, enable and initiate an SSH session to the host.


I didn’t need gp configure script, just “make” and “make install” sufficed. Hi Jens, i gave it one more try. As per VMware, dynamic patch baselines contain a set of patches, which updates automatically according to patch availability and the criteria that you specify.

Sorry, you spent a lot of time helping me. But no matter what, it’s good to know that the SP4 driver works – which also explains why SUSE didn’t see more reports about this type of failure: After all, that’s what the support contracts are for. I’ve already extended my question toward SUSE by asking if they can provide a legacy package for the old driver, in case v10 doesn’t support your card, although SP3 did. Thanks lpc this great tutorial. Remediate For jp last step in our process, we will set our Remediation Options and begin the Remediation process.

Hi Jens, i’m very surprised. Please provide additional feedback optional: I’m pretty sure that the old SP4 driver was not involved any longer. What makes me wonder is why you see the same errors with the old driver: Hi Bernd, from the message history, it looks as if the SP3 driver was more tolerant to this specific error: I used the driver from the HP Website.


Unsupported SSL/TLS Version

Resolved by upgrading the hpe-ilo driver to version Unfortunately it didn’t suceed. Hi, i finally managed it.

The HBA seemed to be broken. If you want to change the applications location, enter the directory in the command line; for example: Hi Jens, no problem. Now my idea is to install it from sources. In this instance, we will choose Host Patch. Thanks for the feedback!