I would feel confident using this notebook for college or work. One reason I purchased the MT is because of its build. I briefly considered installing XP Professional, the operating system currently on my desktop. On a full charge the battery lasts about three hours using the “High Performance” power plan. While it is a reliable system that suits my needs, I desired Vista and mobility. The fan runs for only a few seconds.

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Gateway MT6705 Review

Opening Microsoft Word takes 3 seconds. The Gateway MT is a The S-Video port, Kensington lock slot, and optical drive are located on gateeay left side. ASUS M drivers are tiny programs that enable your Laptop hardware to communicate with your operating system software. I prefer speed and efficiency to flash.

Drivers & Downloads

The touchpad is very responsive. It is bright with a glossy finish. My desktop, purchased in June offeatures USB 1. This is my only complaint with the ports.


Gateway MT Review

Whats interesting and gageway good, in my opinion for a game improvement driver is how much auditory feedback there is. The hinges seem strong. On a full charge the battery lasts about three hours etherhet the “High Performance” power plan. They use shiny silvery lettering. I must press extremely hard to see ripples on the LCD, leading me to believe the lid aptly protects the display. Below the touchpad are blue lights indicating wireless networking, caps lock, number lock, optical use, and hard drive activity.

My goal was to spend as little as possible to meet my needs without sacrificing a quality experience. Its aesthetics, durability, and price impressed me. Outdoors, I get 4 out of 5 bars within feet of my house. Colors are sharp, but appear washed out compared to my Dell monitor. Building your Kevlar canoe: Gateway packed the MT in their standard box. Then select “More power options. The power button, located at the top, right corner gqteway the notebook is the only other button.


The MT comes bundled with programs galore. The MT is my first notebook. The MT eyhernet rugged and durable.

Left side view view large image. This is most noticeable on Excel spreadsheets when I change cell background colors. The notebook runs ethernrt well. Asus m6b00n drivers windows 7. Unfortunately, I found one dead pixel near the taskbar. The result was identical.

I observe similar charge times when the notebook is off. Gateway places their logo at the bottom of the gatewah and in the middle of the lid. Opening “Start,” “Computer,” or an Internet Explorer window is instantaneous. Most people have experience with Best Buy so I will only note the following.

The instructions recommended I charge at least three hours prior to use.