The Chelsio T cards are going to be the best bets for performance. Saturday, December 29, Joined Jul 7, Messages 30 Thanks 0. If you have no idea what you are doing what makes you think you need to do it? This is even if it is a single 10GbE connection to a 1GbE switch. You must log in or register to reply here. Do you have a double NAT?

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Getting help with your problem is a lot easier when everyone uses the correct terminology. IMHO, if you have 4 ethernet ports on your NAS and you are determined to distribute traffic across those 4 ports, I would put 1 port on your existing network and then use direct connections on the other 3 to key devices on your network. And with more lanes, you can transport more “stuff” in the same greenas, ergo the thoughput increases.

Intel released a lower cost i part that we generally suggest sticking with the i over the freenaa numbered parts. See this SMB multichannel with Samba 4. If you have no idea what you are doing what makes you think you need to do it? Your latest message, helps me understand the environment.

Top Picks for FreeNAS NICs (Networking)

We have heard work is fdeenas improving performance above 40GbE and so we will issue top picks recommendations when the time is appropriate. I can physically set up link agg groups but I read in one of the three articles I’ll link in a moment, that you need to do more than just set up link agg groups and there is what I KNOW I did not do and why I think this issue resides on the switch side of things and I don’t know what to do to fix it on that note.

But, in all cases, you don’t have granular control of how traffic is actually distributed across the ports in the link aggregate. The Chelsio T cards are going to be the best frreenas for performance. The IP of ethdrnet main workstation and secondary workstation may end up hashing to the same aggregate port, while the IP for your internet connected thermostat might end up alone on a different link, which would not be optimal.



I DO know that my dell powerconnects support lacp of some kind and that I can configure them etthernet a degree on the link aggregation, and also on them being able to use lacp settings to tweak them to a degree, however other than that, I have not the faintest idea what the heck I am doing, and I’m not going to lie here or sugar coat this, I don’t know bum diddly about what it is that I am doing, I know what I want to do and I have the hardware given my FreeNAS is a multimedia and backup file server for my own usage and that link aggregation will be what I want out of this, but aside from that, I do not have any idea what I’m doing here with this stuff What’s wrong with just one gigabit port being setup and operational.

I’m not worried about this thing being accessible and honestly I DO NOT want it accessible from outside the local home network, so the powerline network cable is less of a worry on my end because I will at some point connect a wifi plug to the thing to set it up to our wifi system given that will be how it will be accessed freenass my parents here at the house, and conversely I will also at that point consider plugging in an additional POE connector directly into the freenas server to allow it also to have direct wired connection to our wifi router via my poe connector that works with my firewall, but thats for another day honestly I read that freehas you linked danb35 and I didnt understand it when I tried to read it earlier but I did see it.

Not to increase speed. Here are our top picks:. High Voltage Newbie Jul 29, Yes, teaming is the wrong thing to use in this case, but the idea of using multiple NIC ports together does indeed work.


Teaming won’t raise the highway speed limit, but it’ll add more lanes. Here are our top picks: Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Sometimes these algorithms are configurable. The manual is always a good place to start when you have a question that needs answering.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. That would ensure that each device has and will utilize it’s own separate path. And of course USB3 would suck. Each of these link aggregates will balance traffic based on an algorithm defined in the switch’s chipset. Joined Sep 12, Messages 3, Thanks I have tried to set up the dell powerconnect switches to the same IP subnet as the rest of my personal home network that I personally manage Mine to be isolated from the remainder of the home network for extra security of Was hoping there was something I could do to squeeze by for now, but probably easier to suck it up and rebuild a new box to support it.

And whenever you do explain something, pretend the person on the other end is an idiot they won’t be but never assume they understand what you are saying so that you explain all the details and do not leave anything out.

The Intel i is low single digit dollars in terms of cost and is a lower feature set 1GbE single port controller. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. I hope this helps because i don’t understand what I’m not doing