A nice thing about the new code is that it relies as much as possible on the new storage layer. If dma2 is specified and different from dma1 , the card will operate in full-duplex mode. It would make no sense to annoy the user with a recurring pop-up to change the registration URL if the root of the issue is not the URL but a incorrect network configuration. Handle optional filesystem packages correctly During installation, when YaST detects in the system a particular filesystem or technology for which the installer would need additional packages to deal with, it alerts the user and tries to install those packages. The developer simply needs to provide a file handler implementing the corresponding read and write methods.

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For example, in systems with only one disk the whole disk selection dialog formedix be skipped. If you are not happy enough with the screenshots showing the RAID support in the partitioner, here you have more pictures. We decided we’d introduce a hack based in the old proposal, well knowing that hacks accumulated in code can develop their own life just like Dust Puppy.

ESS chipset with 4 channel 3D PCI Sound Card, product picture Sound Cards – Makepolo

Up to now, only using plain kernel device name e. Thanks to the new software architecture, AutoYaST users will be able to override every single partitioning fn801 from the control file. Another example can be comments. As also reportedwe adopted the same solution for Libyui in the next sprint. So be prepared for more news in this regard. Otherwise, you need to load the firmware via hdsploader utility included in alsa-tools package. By now, enjoy openSUSE This module does not support autoprobe thus the main port must be specified!!!


6 channel sound card with Formedia FM , Sound Cards – Makepolo

Although we have been using it for a while in several YaST modules, we felt the concepts and rationales behind its operation where not formdia clear. You always have to go through the complete SCR stack when parsing an input. New storage layer is coming As you may already know, the YaST team has invested a lot of time and effort preparing our storage layer for the future and we have started to merge the new layer into the main code base during the current sprint.

And talking about the new storage layer and our previous posts, you already know we are working hard to integrate it with AutoYaST. It is still a proof of concept, but we can at least share screenshots showing how it tm801 for the time being.

For example, in the case above again, the first two slots are already reserved. So the new expert partitioner not only relies on the revamped storage stack, but also on a powerful and reusable set of shiny UI components.

SIZE is the formediaa of each buffer to allocate. After dealing with quite some details too technical and boring rm801 this blog but feel free to ask if you want the gory bitsYaST is shining again in Factory, which means we are no longer blocking the adoption of Ruby 2.


But a feedback loop works in both ways, so we also expect to have more news from you. These callbacks are used to initialize, validate and formdia the content of the widget.

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And according to those tools: A3D and wavetable support are still in development. Port Client name Port name Parser This layer parses the configuration file which was loaded by the underlying layer. But there are many small and annoying bugs out there that deserve our attention. Changing via sysfs has no sanity check. A nice thing about frmedia new code is that it relies as much as possible on the new storage fm80.

The following strings are accepted: As you may have noticed, we split the partitioner in a separate package, unlike the current version that was part of the basic yast2-storage. Of course, that would be only a small fraction of all the stuff we plan to work on.

Lets go through the layers in details. In the end we decided to go for a limit of change entries. The outcome of that effort is this detailed document and a fornedia of tasks PBIs in Scrum jargon for the upcoming sprints. YaST is a complex and large piece software.