Create new account Request new password. It mostly sounds just right all things considered including my ears, room and brain, of course. Allo DigiOne Signature Review. And there’s the rub The exD does not lacked in any areas in terms of transparency, as proven when I slotted the Bryston BOT-1 disc transport in to my BDP-1 at the end of the review period.

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Two views from experts May 28, Here’s how Jesus R.

exD DAC –

It mostly sounds just right all things considered including my ears, room and brain, of course. Albert had spent about 5 years or so developing the exD Dac, which aspires to be in the high end section of the market. Favorite Sound Munich High End I was really, really tempted but …………. Shopping for a DAC now, in fact, and in listening to the two that one retailer stocks, and the two that another stocks, my opinions seem to swing wildly with auvio of music. As with the Mytek DACI remain of the opinion that DSD-based music can sound thoroughly engaging and uncannily present with dynamic swing that’ll make your heart stop.


Introduction: exD DAC –

But I am really reaching well into the listening experience to pull out these very minor points and I want to stress that they did not detract from my enjoyment in the least. I can’t imagine they’re anything real special for the asking price.

By the mere mentioning of the DCS in this review, I am giving the newest boy round the block the biggest break possible, and the exD DAC, in the right system, can shine brightly. And there’s the rub Greatest Bits The DCS has multiple inputs while the exD has only the minimalist choice of 2 only.

The Christmas Music Mix.

Create new account Request new password. Please stay tuned for the review to come soon! Chord Qutest DAC preview. Add to that it’s friendliness with such linux servers as the Auraliti PK90USB and you have a plug-n-play system that performs ridiculously well. Cambridge Audio is doing it with their polynomial curve fitting algorithm licensed from Anagram.

Another technical design feature of the exD DAC is the use of a custom wound C-Core transformer, for that richer mid range sound character. USB Audio Class 2. After all, not everyone has the time to listen to DACsfor example, full-time. Article by WL Low.

Then I started thinking if I was listening to the spinning turntable, or music files from the lap top starring right in front? Favorite Music Lists of News Desa Home Theatre November 17, Greatest Bits Component List.


Introduction: exD DAC

I absolutely fallen in love with the way the exD reveals all the tonal harmonics and textures of the recorded musical instruments. To audition in my own home, I’d have to order and pay for gear from each of the manufacturers of interest who will give me a trial period, and send back what Sudio don’t keep. Submitted by Rob McCance on September 27, – 6: The exD DAC that you see here is based on an open platform carrier chip, which allows future algorithm based firmware updates when new digital file standards become available.

Submitted by Michael Lavorgna on September 28, – 6: News Arcam is now owned by Harman International July 16, Soulution — a Swiss amp goes for a Highland fling. For rich videophiles November 23,