Cons The software stops working when you change parts in your computer, such as upgrading a hard drive; it’s copy protection seems to be tied to the computer’s hardware. Print to email instead of printer. Set printer spooler job name to ‘name’. Possible values for k and meanings are: Windows 8 is backward compatible with older version 3 drivers, so your old printer model will work on Win8. Output file name is assigned automatically based on input filename.

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DOS2USB Free Download for Windows 10, 7, 8/ (64 bit/32 bit) | QP Download

Valid characters are numbers, uppercase letters and characters ‘-‘,’. You can issue ESC”switches” sequence in a separate file that has the same filename as the report file. First digit named number system digit must be 0 or 1. Download PrnList utility for help with this switch. Summary Dont bother purchasing The company does not respond to emails at all.

It is windowless to keep it simple and discreet.

So, where is the purpose for this switch? Output file name is assigned automatically based on input filename.

If your report is large, the letters will be too small. Some printers are too slow in start 1 minute or more to start printing when the report is large. No support, no response from comapny.


Select font size by pitch and point. You have two options to do that: For setting the percent of text width.


If you have to reformat your HD because of a virus, you have to buy a new license. As you can see on the image, the old style letters are bigger and more readable.

Was this review helpful? Click here for the instructions about how to install a new font. Interleaved 2 of 5 Optionally, DOSPrinter inserts a mod 10 checksum character at the end, if bit 0 of flag c is set to 1.

DOS2USB Free Download

Set background image on every page watemark. Waste of money, so I got the better supported PrintFil program. However, there is one case when DOSPrinter must be pdinter Microsoft Fax – or a multifunction – all-in-one – printer Print complex jobs to legacy printers in DMP Print mode including drawings and graphics without going through the Windows driver and without changing the original jobs.

If you provide odd number of digits, DOSPrinter adds a zero at the beginning to satisfy the specification.

This uses Acrobat Reader or Word to print the report to the driver in question. We are developing the Language support free of cost, so if your language not available with DOS2USB just mail us on dos2usb mitrashell. If dpi not specified the default is If it is not at the beginning of the file it affects next files only.


Does exactly what is promised, other than an occasional corruption in the printing. Checksum character is required for this barcode type. Valid barcode characters are 8 digits in the range 0 – 9 Dks2usb characters are replaced with zeroes.

Set absolute vertical print position. EAN-8 The last digit is a checksum digit. Cancel bottom margin cancel skip-over-perforation. If you have a text-mode printer with USB port, you cannot print directly to it from a DOS program, and this switch is one prniter the possible solutions for that.

This way you will have DOSPrinter installed and active all the time without any intervention.