Minimal background processes were running, internal Bluetooth and wireless cards were disabled, and anti-virus protection was switched off. Dell offers a few ways to get technical support and varying levels of warranty — from years and optional at home service. Blacky Nov 12, We use Super Pi to calculate overall processor number crunching speed, our favorite is to calculate Pi to 2 million digits of accuracy. I benchmarked the first level of FEAR from the moment my character stepped out of the car until the end of the first checkpoint.

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If you like to do serious gaming or simply have the fastest notebook money can buy right now, this notebook is for you!

Your name or email address: Visit our network of sites: Was the replacement car you bought guaranteed working? The processor is on one, and the video card on the other, both using separate fans and heatsinks. This was odd, because I set the wireless card to not turn off and to stay at maximum power. It replaced the GoGTX. It is somewhat uncomfortable to touch. The mmonitor adapter that comes with this notebook is rather huge, to say the least. Share This Page Tweet.


You might also have a failing display, though. It also provides for extra oomph with sound volume, at top volume the sound is definitely too loud.

Show Dell the money! Quake 4 Quake 4 is capped at 60 FPS by default.

XPS M1710 Black Screen, works with external monitor. 3 LED’s one still others blinking.

Blacky Nov 26, Blacky Nov 12, ScreenioAug 7, Log in or Sign up. You could certainly add more time if you turned down the brightness. This is the quietest notebook I have used to date.

How I eventually fixed it was by completely uninstalling the wireless adapter, deell letting Windows install the wireless card. However, there are some imperfections in the display. On the inside it houses the 2. Dell M in the dark, next to mirror view large image. Even at full tilt, it is hard to tell the fans are running.

Dell XPS M Review (pics, specs)

Dell XPS M back side view view large image. Intel Core Duo T 2. These technicians are located around the monitlr so that no matter when you call you can get help.


I played through about half of the game, and the game did not become unplayable. To chat with a Dell technician go to www.

Got a new card and it has exactly the same problem. This is very effective at cooling the M, because heat is spread out and has more room to escape. However, 3DMark is nothing more than a synthetic benchmark; the true test for any gaming-oriented video card is games… Gaming tests: Pricing and Availability Visit Dell. I benchmarked the first level of FEAR from the moment my character stepped out of the car until the end of the first checkpoint.