As for bad capacitors, I think it’s not it, because I had it running before with all USB ports used, haven’t had a single problem. I called the place where I got it and mentioned this fact and they said they’d return it for me for the cost of shipping. This website has quite a bit of info: Or get a USB extension cable. Similar Threads PS2 ports fried my motherboard?

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It still looks like Intel may know of problems with some of these – see earlier post. All of a sudden all 6 4 in back, 2 in front USB ports stopped working. Most motherboards only have a limit max uzb 1 ampbut newer boards can have up to 2 amp supplyyou need to confirm that with the motherboard manual or from online sources.

I see Windows Logo, and it d101ggv there. Isb if they have any FAQ’s related to the prob. By Noahtuck in forum Computer. It is entierly possible to reinstall the device driversand show no conflictbut what you usbb described is exactly what happens when the apic chipset is compromised. Thanks again for all of the help and suggestions. As for bad capacitors, I think it’s not it, because I had it running before with all USB ports used, haven’t had a single problem. I think I’m about out of options other than leave out the video card from the PCI slot and get a USB card that some have mentioned or new motherboard.


Most likely the driver prob. I am going to try and sell the replacement board when I get it. Disable “High-speed USB” 6. Can anyone tell me anything else I can try or is this a sign of something more?

I’d say that you are dealing with a good store. Is there another way to upgrade bios for DGGC? I would try that before d101ggd replacement of the MB.

Most have a regular USB type internal connector, but a few have the type similar to what a motherboard uses for a front socket connection, such as this one from NewEgg: But the USB 2. I haven’t tried plugging the SanDisk back in any of the ports.

Or get a USB extension cable. I believe that was what helped me get this resolved to my satisfaction.

The Mother Board

The only sure and safe way to upgrade any BIOS is via a floppy disk, with a dd101ggc load of files. It’s just that it’s a major inconvenience to unplug everything everytime I have to reboot or turn on PC. If I consider replacing the motherboard – what are my options? I did order the exact same board online and when it came it was DOA.

The Mother Board • View topic – DGGC USB problems

The problem is common where users do not add up all the usb devicesconnected to the pcto find out the total current drawn from the usb uzband overload the usb supply in doing so. Thanks in advance and sorry for any typos, English is not my first language.


By Xenogear in forum Computer.

Their are spending some of their time to handle a manufacturer warranty item that is mosty likely beyond their in store warranty period and only charging shipping. By overloading the usb current supplyresults in damage to the apic chip which controls power management. Only plug that in through a uab USB hub so that the hub acts as a buffer. If there’s nothing in USB ports windows load properly, and all the devices keyboard, mouse, wireless d10ggc, speakers are working as long as I plug them in after it’s fully up.

I may attempt putting the new one in – have read up on it and would like to try. This website has quite a bit of info: To be on the safe side with the new board, I’m going to “remove hardware” from the USB ports when D101gggc not using the device.

He paid for the third Motherboard he fried the SUBs as he agreed it had to be something on his end.