Send them to jakeller pair. USB Driver for Connection. The camera has a built-in lens cover, so no lens cap is needed. OK, now back to our regularly scheduled review Feedback Jeff welcomes your comments or questions. The DSC-P72’s flash had trouble throttling down for the macro area, and overexposed the shot. See all 3 new other listings.

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The power button and shutter release can be found over to the right, and that’s about it. Great camera with lots of features! Want a second opinion? If the full-sized images appear to be stretched horizontally, you may need to just download them to your hard drive and view them in an imaging application, or possibly try another browser. Chrome Download the latest version. The LCD menu system offers the following options:. In Playback mode, this button pulls up the single cybershoy menu, letting you delete the currently displayed image.

I would’ve liked manual white balance and shutter speed control, but you can’t have everything. If you want to see an “ideal” version of this shot, click here to see the photo I took with my Canon D60 at the same time.

Check out the sample photos in our photo gallery! A sliding plastic door protects the compartment, and features cyybershot latch that prevents it from accidentally flying open while shooting. A hinged, plastic door opens downward to reveal the card slot.


DCRP Review: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P72

Overall, the P72 is a good choice for anyone wanting a capable, portable camera that takes good photos in a variety of circumstances. It’s of very good quality for a lower-cost camera, with good brightness and resolution. Pressing the Menu button displays the following options:. When it’s darker or the subject is hard to focus on, it can take a second or so. Despite their being packed in the box with many cameras, they simply don’t have the juice to handle typical digicam demands.

The DSC-P72 is the top of the line in this series with a 3x optical zoom, the P32 has a fixed focal length lens and the P52 has a 2x optical zoom.

The DSC-P72 did a pretty good job with our night test photo look, a new location! Multi Burst mode cybershit an extremely rapid frame burst of low-resolution images, at a selectable rate of 7.

On my “Davebox” test though, the P72 distinguished the subtle pastel tones on the Q60 target well, and shadow detail actually looked pretty good. In Automatic Record mode, the up arrow controls flash mode, cycling through Auto, Forced, and Suppressed modes it only activates Slow-Sync in Twilight Portrait mode, and no flash modes cyberwhot available in Twilight, Landscape, or Movie modes.


Select a language English. P71 on top, P72 on bottom. I really have no complaints about the P72’s photo quality.

That includes wide-angle and telephoto conversion lenses, filters, and even an external flash. Below the Mode dial and adjacent to the Menu and Display buttons, this five button control pad features four cybershof keys and a center “OK” button. Skip to main content. Directly to the left of the lens is the AF illuminator, which helps to light up the subject in low-light situations, to assist in focusing.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P72 3.2MP Digital Camera – Silver

In Auto mode, the P72 is totally point-and-shoot. Nikon D D Maybe my next one will have more zoom. Specifications See the specifications sheet here. In Playback mode, this button controls the digital enlargement of captured images and accesses the index display mode as well as a detailed information display. IR gets a small commission from sales of the product, but I’d highly recommend the program even if we didn’t.

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