Nothing to worry about as such, optionally please update to the latest version of modutils. So, is it rare, this card? And I found it to sound rather distorted too. How did you find it? Is it a Vibra-based PnP model? I need to use it longer before I can give a final verdict.

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Cmedia (CMI) Cm driver – Cmedia (CMI) Sound Card Drivers – W95W31DOS_VZIP

Normally I thought SB-Pro mode gives almost optimal sound in games, as the game samples are 8-bit anyways, but I do notice improvements when using WSS: Look in the sound drivers directory and it should be the first option. Base, Adlib or user defined. The only big difference is, instead of Audio Excel it siund Analog Devices Soundport, is it any good?

This site hosts no abandonware. The Signal to Noise ratio sounds fine, but I don’t know how to measure it.

The one thing I don’t see is a way to enable the wavetable board in the midi mapper in Windows 3. But so far it does what I hoped it would: Everything gerwin said is true.


The CT sounded good but again was let down by its wavetable header. Unfortunately, the audio female ext.

From the 1st page of this topic it has been pointed out that the CMI has problems with earlier games up to the 1st generation of SB16s, CT17xx.

But I don’t know if that is any use for Dos.

Audio Excel CMI soundcard.

Since any daughterboard only outputs analog left and right. It is a feature of SB Users browsing this forum: And CMI in SBgames works properly always and its digital out works always too by live refreshing any signal to 16 bit 44 kHz. One can also hook fard analogue out to some studio equipment to filter out a specific frequency range if the hiss is homogenic, but it is not an option for the casual retro gamer.

CON’s some are futile or fixable – Joystick resistor dard. I mean carx this: I found that a few games do not detect SB16 hardware on a system above MHz. Views Read View source View history.

But the big question is I found that an Microsoft Gamepad FAQ listed this Soundcard as not giving enough current or voltage due to a certain resistor.


Sound card C-Media CMI8330 ISA driver installed correctly.

The earlier games which fall back to SB2. After that my joystick worked fine! There are also small connectors behind each jackplug socket.

For most setups the default, system-wide configuration is sufficient. Bumping this thread sohnd it’s mainly about the CMI If you select the correct model it will detect it correctly and tell you which DSP model you have. Retrieved from ” https: Here’s the example for this card. I briefly tested it with a daughterboard, and didn’t notice any problems.

FM is detected properly, and adplay runs, but I cannot hear any FM output? This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. These are 5V TTL level, and need some form of simple converter to make them suitable for a 1V coax connection.