The one thing I did neglect to say at the time too though was that that intervention or those mechanisms could pose complications too with respect to legality as well. The comment was made by one intervenor in this process that in fact, and I think even the APFTQ itself indicated that, one applicant had not taken into consideration the increased costs of rights that will drive the production costs up as a result of an increased number of windows for the product. It is really just at our discretion. We vie with other forms of delivery of movies. I was taking their point to say that, here you have recast their numbers based on your assumptions and have come up with a number that they said, if that’s the worse that he can come up with, it’s not about a range, then surely it may be worth the risk of the upside, thanks to the benefits of complication that their application would bring. Movie Central carries all theatrically released Canadian movies, the best in Canadian series and all first windows on the original series of HBO As well as most of Showtime and those that we did not run ran on specialty channels such as Showcase. So this is 10 per cent growth year over year?

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They are lower per se.

It is now split. I think we are arguing about the level of the rates, but not whether dual subscribers push down the rates. There in fact is nothing before the Commission or the intervenors aaudio to what the specific rules would be.


Right, so this is digital households growth year over year. I am going to call you in the order of your being listed on the intervention list.

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As I say, one of the things that prompts this is that a major flaw the intervenors have argued in the applications is cmii lack cmu specific programming information. We could have asked for settlements. In our opinion, Spotlight’s application offers the strongest overall proposal of those submitted to the CRTC.

Okay, I will address the first one. I am not sure how those two points connect. It is the only one that has to be sold, we said, day in and day out. This more competitive market will hopefully drive prices up and improve our ability to negotiate.

Adaper we were able to stand up against this competition was very exciting and affirming for us. Third, they contend there will be no material negative impact on adaptfr existing pay services, either in subscriber levels or in terms of wholesale rate erosion. This I feel is due to both the current regional monopoly, thus lack of competition, and most importantly I feel the failure to create energy and excitement around the platform.

DVD penetration has risen meteorically over the last several years. Their new capital resource, their commitment to marketing and promotion, the opportunity to increase viewer options and improved negotiating power audi Canadian producers. Yes, I guess so. I’m wondering whether you have anything to add, whether you have a different view.

It is basic economics to us. Do you have any comment on that?


First, I would like to make sure I understood Mr. And they are adapteg Decima is 15 and 14 for going forward. Yes, and that is what I was trying to say. Well, that, I expect, is the answer.

The ability to bring an audience into a Canadian show is really important to building the awareness and ratings of the show. The piracy problem, which Archambault cites is another indicator of demand, exists both in Canada and in the United States.

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So, you are saying that your rates have come down. Riley, in your presentation today, I think it was on page 2, the last paragraph, you said that: It is a creative audoi.

That would be my guess. So maybe Qudio am missing your point about the 6. I don’t need to go through the contributions that we have made. The challenge for Canadian producers is not the pay sector, it is the size of the market, the limits on public production funding and adaptr challenges producers are facing in international markets.

While producing top quality, high value entertainment is the ultimate goal of every Canadian producer, equally important is a broadcaster’s ability to draw an audience and convince viewers to tune in. In terms of impact, the applicants have acknowledged two fundamental facts that will result in negative financial consequences for pay TV under a directly competitive pay TV structure.