That was a mistake, by the way, movies are great — I just didn’t know that. Sometimes I do, but normally really specific things just come to me, and I think that’s how ideas work. That’s great, I think people should be as anti-cinema as possible right now. If you figure out what is going to happen and then make that the main thing. Fatalism is a funny thing, I know I wrestle with it. I don’t feel pigeonholed because all of these come from a pure place.

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And when you’re all done make sure you don’t leave anything wherever you were fucking filming, like a tripod or a lens or whatever.

Calvin Lee Reeder – Movies, Bio and Lists on MUBI

Cinematographer Lukas Ettlin does a great job of capturing the environment. The fewer the people you need to wrangle, the fewer locations you have to travel to will help your scheduling a lot. There’s no rule, but short films that focus on event instead of character development usually succeed.

They were plledriver different experiences. This one is less elaborate and more of weird joke me and producer Carlos Lopez thought up wandering through a wealthy Seattle neighborhood at 3am. With The Rambler it’s literally a machine — there’s a job for every single person and they know what they’re doing.

But I wonder… is there a way to bring these opposing cultures together so that we might find a diplomatic solution and finally start to move forward as a society? I mentioned the zombies, right? Just because we have infinite film it doesn’t mean we have infinite days.


Micro-Budget Horror Master Calvin Reeder Returns to his Short Film Roots

Jacob Rosen is shooting. But we need a little bit of money to pull it off. What things have you done to build your community calvib of just being your weird self?

I don’t know what I’ve done but I’ve made movies that are pretty distinct, I think people can tell if it’s my movie or not. Reeder specializes in turning lo-fi splatter pics into art films by meshing high-concept thought and design with genre storylines. The problem for me was that I never felt anything for her.

I like that kind of thing. I know that was aimed at younger filmmakers that are just starting out, but there’s something in there that was potent.

Calvinn would’ve been really cool to have another day or two. Definitely a personal article for me since Calvin was one of the reasons I started making films in the first place.

I was revisiting the interview we did from five years ago now and just thinking how fast time goes and how everything changes without you really noticing it. Calvin Lee Reeder Writer, Director With a strange mix of underground horror shock and existential atmosphere, Calvin Lee Reeder made a name for himself with short films like Piledriver and Little Farm. Before it was like: Otherwise you’re just looking back too much, instead of looking forward. Calvin Reeder was one of the first filmmakers I ever contacted on a local level and started to rreeder friends with.


Yeah some of these numbers are crazy. That’s a big part of what I want to ask you about. I’ve worked with Lynn Shelton before and she’ll put me in a room and ask me to say something. He got the brunt of his film education while working as a camera operator at Alpha Cine Labs and as a negative cutter at Deluxe Film Archive Solutions.

It’s just cool to not have to call cut, because when you do you’re on break for at least five or ten minutes. I remember the first time we hung out it was a process for me, as a young person not knowing anything, of cutting away the veneer. We actually lost an actor piledrivet on because he didn’t think it was possible.

Calvin Lee Reeder (The Rambler) Talks Henry Hobson’s Maggie

It’s about a suspicious man who accepts a mysterious invitation that he probably shouldn’t. When you get lost it helps to re-inspire yourself to think about what got you going in the first place. For my early films I didn’t even watch movies, I didn’t even care to.

Single 60 Minute Session.