I used this phone for a couple of days it worked great and one day while going to work I decided to use the handsfree while talking to a friend of mine. I also recommend buying scratch proof film to put over the phone. The g is an update of the v and comes with a candybar approach and shared keys, rather than separate QWERTY keys. With Tmobile, I have been using the same phone for the last year. First I thought I pressed a key on mistake, I try it again. I have not used the ear piece and probably will buy a bluetooth after I break the phone in some more.

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BlackBerry ‘s performance ratings are 18 days standby time. Besides those minor flaws, this phone is the best phone you will ever purchase and i highly recommend it.

Smartphone Radiation Safety Helpline: The keyboard is also bigger and easy to type using the fantastic Intellitype software.

Its basicaly a bug with c, it does not work with a headset. Being a faithful customer doesn’t always guarantee customer appreciation!

The case is okay, the only downfall is the belt clip is stiff. What do you feel about Design and build quality of this device? I almost broke a finger trying to put it on my belt.


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Just got lotus organizer as well, which I do recommned as it is the best for personal not business use of the phone. Share Facebook Twitter Mail Widget.

The phone was all I wanted it to be Tmobile Anonymous from Amazon 04 Dec Common Questions When is the release date? The moment I get plug the headsets the call gets droped.

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Intel XScale MHz processor. Cell Phones BlackBerry g.

First I thought I pressed a key on mistake, I try it again. Maybe one of your friends will find this review helpful? No longer do we need to be tied to the office to reply to important emails. It works great, good batery life, great fitures I’m a very soft talker, a mumbler if you will, so I need to learn to adjust my inflection so that it goes into the mic, which sits a few inches from mouth with the phone to my ear.

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Anonymous from Amazon 03 Nov There’s no camera, blackbberry memory or MP3 player although the g does support MP3 ringtones which is great for corporate customers. The web is good, I don’t expect much from a phone so some pages are very hard to read but the regular sites you go to to check stocks, weather, sports scores etc etc work very well on the screen.


The 713g0 is very fast, the ringtones sound great, and basically the whole phone is flawless. The time when I got this phone I was really happy with it.

I have not used the ear piece and probably will buy a bluetooth after I break the phone in some more.

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I’ve struggled with getting one piece of electronics that can just do it, keep me in touch with the email, blackbegry all my calendar, phone book, etc. The phone is powered by a Lithium-Ion Li-Ion battery. USA Legal Limit is 1.

The only minor things that can be frustrating is sometimes the phone feels somewhat cheaply made, creaks a little bit, but not too much, and only sometimes. No external card slot is available for expansion. One of the things that set the original series apart from other handsets was the display – one of the brightest and clearest screens on any device blakcberry the market.

No problems with battery life so far, I do recommend draining the battery and re-charging 3 times to break the lithium-ion battery in.