RX rate delay LSB 9: Only relevant when using BCSP protocol. Ususally, cheap BT modules based on CSR chips have all signals wired to module pins, so there are no problem to use them in your project. But I never seen any hacks with changed module firmware. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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The HC actually has a user-configurable logic pin that changes state when the Bluetooth connects that can be used for reset: There is an alternative firmware floating around that turns it bc21 a bluetooth sniffing device. There’s loads of code for using bluecore chips via serial.

The small LED on the HC module blinks when nothing is connected, and remains on when a connection is established. There’re firmware release notes available on CSR suport website with list of improvements, bug fixes, known problems, etc.

If you pull the KEY pin high you can change a number of settings using AT commands due to their price I used them bluetloth a simple wireless serial link.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. It allows to detect bit error in payload good in case UART line exhibits many errors. Been sending Arduino programming over that specific model of BT module for well over 3 months now. This very simple libraries just wraps to OS syscalls provided in sources without any license at all and builded with gcc on the first run. These are 4Mbit 3. Time-out in milliseconds to wait before trying to resend BCSP packet.


Suprisedly, as it turned out, both modules were running the same old version of firmware – build 0x which is HCI However, there’re literally tons of technical documentation published by CSR which can be found on bluetooht suport website.

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Set it according to the baud rate choosen, i. I spend less than an evening to make my module blink a LED with my own firmware.

As for the serial port thing, a good start might be to look for serial test pads, solder and FTDI chip to it and hook it up to you linux box.

There are also some proprietary tools blutooth build final image and flash it over Bluefooth, but they can be easily replaced by few-strings perl scripts and simple SPI-talking program. The main problem is a lack of gcc and binutils sources for XAP architecture.

Programming Micros With Impossibly Cheap Bluetooth Adapters

There are proprietary IDE named Bluelab exists for writing module firmware. Figuring a new connection would be a good time to upload new code, the guys needed to design a circuit that would stay low when the LED was blinking, and switch to high when the LED was on. Gc212, cheap BT modules based on CSR chips have all signals wired to module pins, so there are no problem to use them in your project. While following up on your links I found this other project also writing custom firmware for the CSR chips, which seems like a HaD-worthy project in itself: Also, firmware can optionally be signed with a key to control future upgrades.


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The BT A01 Rs232 to Bluetooth Adapter

Send a lot of 0x00 through the serial port and the voltage will finally drop and reset the chip. I think the point is to wirelessly update firmware of a micro controller at a reasonable price. Alex Stepman Cell phone jammer. Or is the measurement not precise enough? Could my chip have a simple serial interface? When BC2 boots up it reads the keys and configures itself accordingly.

Or, say, you can emulate Bluetooth mouse or USB dongle.