Buyer Benefits See how a device can boost ease of use and productivity Determine if the product will keep up with your demands Learn how performance and features tie into the value equation. Choose Gray image if your original contains actual shades of gray. Spec sheets, which are verified by the OEM, provide those and many other top-level details to you such as:. Copyright All rights reserved. Therefore, during scanning, the numbers of pages been scanned on the scanner is somehow different with the numbers of pages displayed on your computer screen. The following procedure describes how to verify your scanner installation.

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There are several different methods of performing this conversion. You can edit these profiles by renaming or deleting them.

If your A4 duplex scanner came with a front input tray, the scanner allows you to scan an A3 size document in an innovative way. Use this option for batches of mixed-sized documents.

Drag the slider to the right or left to avisiin or decrease the brightness. Click the Scan button to start scanning the document in two image types and sizes.

Avision AV3200SU

Enter the value from 0 to 5 mm. In this case, it is highly recommended to replace the ADF pad with a new one. Buyers Lab puts anything and everything under the microscope to see how a device stacks up against its peers.


If you need help or have a question, contact us Would you like to update this product info?

Avision AVSU – Keypoint Intelligence

Win more business Become a bliQ Subscriber Download hundreds of test reports for all major brands Access specifications for more than 50, products Unlock high-powered tools to simplify your routine Subscribe Now What is bliQ. Be aware that greater resolution takes more time to scan, and more disk space for the scanning image.

Direct exposure to the sun or avisikn heat may cause damage to the unit.

Default value is 0. Automatically scan color image for color document, black and white image for black and white document. Microsoft 3D Pinball – Space Rotate Image Choose the rotation angle from the drop down list if you wish to rotate your scanned image.

Your manual failed to upload The higher the value, the brighter the image. If you wish to scan both the front side and the rear side of your color document, you can check both Front Color and Rear Color at the same time.

TWAIN Avision’s easy-to-use TWAIN driver provides various useful features such as auto color detection, color matching, multi-feed detection, and blank scanenr removal to enhance your image quality and improve your productivity. The default is 15 minutes. The Setting tab dialog box Energy Saving Control Check the Enable Energy Saver box and move the slider to the right to set the amount of time to start the energy saver after your last action.


If not, svanner check the power source. Click the Preview button to view the entire image in low resolution to correctly crop your relative scan area. The name and version of your software application The version of your scanner driver.

If Automatic is selected and there is document in both the auto document feeder ADF and the flatbed, then the scan source will be automatically set to ADF. OverScan Overscan allows you to add a specific margin at top and bottom or right and left Options vary based on the type of scanner of the edge of the image.

If the skew angle is too great, some of the image may be cut off. Type your desired folder name and file name in the File Path box. Ag3200su Used to convert a grayscale image to a bi-tonal image.

To delete a profile, 1. It provides you with the proper instructions on how to unpack, install, operate and maintain the scanner. Note the options vary based on type of scanner.

Page 57 Ultrasonic Detection Ultrasonic Detection allows you to set overlapped document by detecting paper thickness between documents.