For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. I was wondering, i know i’m supposed to replace the wifi card with the chip Installation and use on pre Intel Mini’s There are fewer steps here, but the disassembly of your Mini is about 10 times more annoying than it was on the atv. ATV just boots normally into it’s normal state This should be the easiest way to do it. Now, because this has been around for a long time, there are some idiosyncracies involved, depending on what atv OS it is, which version of atv you have, etc.

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Apple TV 1 FAQ

So I just wiped the USB stick and am creating the patchstick again incase it didn’t create last time properly. The PQ was as good as I get from my ps3’s. Note the filepath it’s the same, bar the last folder name of course, of all my other movies I have there So where is it getting these films from, and how do I stop it doing it when I want to add new content to the library? There are all kinds of guides out there, along with software some free, some not.

(old) ATV, Broadcom HD card, but not working | AVForums

But, it is interesting. Next, you should download an application called Cyberduck, which will allow you to transfer files from your mac to your appleTV.


That’s my main concern. Getting your atv ready to use that card Alright, now that the card is in, it’s time to get your appleTV ready crystahd use it.

Thank you for this very nice summary. What I’m intending on doing is wiping the ATV back to standard and starting from scratch. After deleting the MyVideos Alternatively you can use the web based media manager to change the media database.

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Picture one is a film it “found” and added to my movie library. I’m also missing cryshalhd few other folders – I have XBMC launcher, but no boxee launcher, I don’t have a dropbear folder on it at all Nov 19, at 3: RIght – I don’t get any of that haha!

Hence my personal preference of a. If you try this and have problems, you can feel free to post them here, but I’d say there’s probably a. Just the other day I was googling for something like this. David Sesnovich is offline. Originally Posted by Phantom Gremlin Thanks for cryystalhd the info. The antennas don’t look like they unscrew!


For completeness, could you could fix the one link above? Thanks Dukie, that’s very promising stuff. So why is it adding it in the ayv place?

AVS Forum articles Contests. Your nickname or email address: Creating a patchstick for your aTV Now, this hack has been around for a long time. I presume I can do this y just upgrading the standard OS?

ATV with Crystal HD clarification please | Firecore

atg You must log in or sign up to reply here. It’s the getting there that’s a pain. However, I still don’t have the option to use hardware acceleration as in the pics on the ATVFlash guide! No, create an account now.

This thread seems like the logical place to accumulate knowledge as we take advantage of what the Broadcomm device has to offer. When I go to that new item it’s added, and click on it, it tells me it can’t be played, and do I want to remove it.