I got this interface and the quality of my recordings became better almost overnight. I have a Pro-Ject audiophile turntable and preamp. My mics sound great through it, guitar di sounds great through it, and my keyboards and synths sound great through it. I also like that it is compatible with the break out cable box. The user interface is simple but powerful. Duet’s studio reference-quality sound combined with simple and powerful control features make it an ideal choice for creating music, creating podcasts, or simply delivering the ultimate iTunes listening experience. It integrates perfectly with each.

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Universal Audio Apollo Quad Firewire.

Duet (FireWire) vs. Duet 2 (USB)

Bingo Players’ audio interface is the Apogee Duet. Like being able to switch presets with one keystroke like an F-Key. I think it sounds great, I think Apogee sound cards have the best sound. My mics sound great through it, guitar di sounds great through it, and my keyboards and synths sound great through it. Not specified by manufacturer. Could not be happier with this interface. Knocks The Mbox 2 Out of the water. The software mixer Apogee Maestro works as advertised and is easy to use, but I wish they would take it to the next level and add more features.


Apogee Electronics Duet reviews.

You can litteraly see, in the right side. I only wish the breakout box came with it for the price.

Thiago’s new studio with Apogee Duet Firewire more. The Maestro software is intuitive and the Manual is written clearly and simply.

Basically just plug and play. The single volume knob is a nice aesthetic feature and looks great on the console. Editing and mastering audio with Bias Peak. However this older interface has never failed me.

The item can be seen 1: Great apkgee interface for small home studios and extremely portable. I went back and forth with Apogee but they could not resolve the issue so I had to return it. I tried to upgrade to the newer Apogee Duet but was having so many issues with it muting on and off for no reason at all. I also use it to transfer vinyl to digital. This would do I f-i-r-e-w-k-r-e. I have a Pro-Ject audiophile turntable and preamp.


macOS Mojave and iOS 12 Compatibility Info – Apogee Electronics

It’s a bit outdated, but so isn’t all my stuff. Overall if you’re still using a FireWire mac and looking for a really good inexpensive interface. It’s easy to use and to set up! I use it to record voiceover for film projects, but my friend borrows it all the time to record music.

Alvaro shows this item in his home studio more. Duet – FireWire Audio Interface is rated 4. This is one of the best sounding interfaces I’ve ever used. And I’ve never had aapogee issues setting it up.

I use the Duet with apovee Mac Book Pro in my home studio for side jobs and personal projects. Focusrite Scarlett appogee USB audio interface – 1st gen. He hooks it up to a MacBook Pro.