August 16, at 4: Issue was not in driver, but in sound card itself. In my case I use Vista x64 to run Cakewalk Sonar 8. Does anyone else get similar behaviour to this? But Vista would not probably be Vista if it did. To make this setting permanent, you have to go into properties and set the startup type to Disabled. Suppose the DPC needs to look at something like the protocol handler table, and suppose that network threads must frequently “update” this table.

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There error codes that Windows Media Player provide are of course useless because there is no description for them.

January 13, at Secondly, how can you come in with an attidude like that? I generally use iTunes connected my file server where my audio files are stored, and a number of other players for DVD and movie files both locally and on the server. Larry mentions voice communication as being one thing which is particularly sensitive to latency.

Is there any solution to this? Why would one give up on optimizing the DPCs?

Actually, multiple threads must run every 10ms because audio data is “pulled” from upstream sources, and these sources must execute within the “pull” to generate new audio data. However afterwards I read somewhere that there is a setting somehow to enforce each nic to a particular cpu only, which may give better performance. January 11, at 5: Addi1988 a shame ….


Download SoundMAX* Audio Driver for Windows 7/Vista*

The new audio stack in Vista has a lot more components, including something called from memory audiodg. I would think throttling should be dynamic, in the sense that the NDIS driver only needs to be notified if Windows Media notices that it adu1988 close to getting into trouble.

The dependency is incorrect. I remember the last time I got a code review in which I hard coded a value. In any of these cases is true there is room for improvement for the Vista engineering team.

August 28, at 1: I feel exactly your pain. If you have a multi-core CPU as most will be in the next few yearsthen it would seem to me to be unnecessary. Are ordinary processes allowed to run concurrently with DPCs? Yes, my password is: DX10 runs a fair bit quicker on XP and Linux with the “backported” un-official releasethat surely means something is very bista.

These links may provide some additional info on “Gigabit network suffering slow relatively speaking transfer rates”. Click on SoundMAX driver aid1988 from the list.


Why would this ugly hack be required if Vista network implementation did not consume this much CPU. I purchased 4gb of ram and a new wireless USB N1 adapter for my computer because I have the slim line and there are no desktop cards out there that are compatible with Vista and fit the slim. August 31, at 5: Well, the majority of my network transfers are with media files, which means that I open a folder with lots of media files i.

Thanks for the quick response, ErjZoR. This Software is licensed for use only in conjunction with Intel component products.

RejZoR’s Flock of Sheep

Profile normal playback cpu needs, and make sure it receives that? I have got the stuttering audio problem in Vista 64, sp1. You might find it interesting that playing media on the sending side of this flood test results in a larger performance penalty than playing on the receiving side.

August 27, at I want to pay you k a year to invest k and double it.