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Aureal SQ Digital drivers v. Steam names the best-selling games of The speaker connections are well labeled, and the speaker wires are interchangeable as needed, offering three different lengths. The max sampling is only 22 KHz!

Vesalia Online – Abit Home Theater AU10

The card has an emulation of support of main 3D sound standards in ah10, A3D 1. Positioning in the DirectSound3D was very good. The speakers come with a box full of cables for hooking everything up. That’s why I decided not to measure speed in demo-tests.

Abit’s AU-10 sound card

It took Diamond well over a year to come out with the digital-out daughterboard for their MX so waiting for a anit product like this may not be the best idea. What’s all this for? In general, it’s rather good variant for a home computer system. Localization of the sound source in this game is not so good.

Let’s turn to its structure chart:. All these differences were heard with rather good audio equipment. BioShock Infinite and Metro: When in analog mode, the difference from the digital mode of the Live! Neutronbeam Zak, you know you can’t validate any of the above details without first throwing Noise floor is wu10 similar of the both cards.


The master volume control which is located in the codec works perfectly in any position. Additional setup includes the infrared receiver for the WinDVD remote; it connects inline between the keyboard qu10 the computer.

For more insight into the specifics of each entry, check out the Speaker Buying Guidewhich carefully breaks down each specification and what it means in the context of this system.

They have only one card at that, hme create an opinion on other cards listening to other readers. The user manual provides some guidance, but beyond getting across the general idea of making the connections to the bottom six RCA jacks, it does not decipher what the labels on the system mean.

Abit will be bundling the AUa 5. The signal from the both drives failed to be identified due to its little amplitude in my opinion: And the digital output can be applied to the external DAC or receiver, at your own risk.

The ForteMedia FM is a moderate level audio chip that serves as the core of the card, although the support for most features is provided through software, not hardware.

The software installation includes the drivers for the AU10 card and the joystick input. Installation The drivers are supplied on a CD in 12 languages.


Universal abit > Motherboard, Digital Speakers, iDome, AirPace, Multimedia

As the name indicates, the card is intended for creating a home theatre system based on the PC. The sub is a wooden enclosure about the size of a minitower; W x H x D mm it includes the 6. The main claims to the sound in A3D mode are mixed up channels and too quiet sounds. The card is equipped with a utility ForteMedia control panelwhich allows choosing card’s homf and set QSound effects in games and while listening to music.

Connection The layout of the external and internal connectors:.

This thewter is usually used by me for 2-pin CD digital connector which is usually not supplied by manufacturers together with sound cards. Theateg addition, if a longer cable than what is included is needed, standard speaker cable could be soldered onto an RCA plug and then cut to length.

Click to Enlarge In order to connect the amplifier to the sound card, there is an adapter to go from a G9 speaker connection 6 channel multipin connector to 6 RCA cables that are well labeled.